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Carmichael Images is a lifestyle event photography company that focuses on capturing and delivering emotional filled moments in time and authentic personal interactions at both business and personal events.


Carmichael Images is available to photograph corporate and private parties and events, non profit events, conferences, award ceremonies, red carpets, quinceaneras, Bat Mitzvahs, religious ceremonies, birthday celebrations, and more.


I capture the natural, emotion filled candid moments at your event. I am hired by clients that need consistent results. 


Corporate Event Photographer

As an event photographer, when documenting corporate events, my priority has always been capturing defining moments that both tell a story and evoke a feeling. Every photograph I take is about something, whether that be an emotion, reaction, or an interaction, there is meaning behind every image. My clients do not need 10,000 mediocre images, they need images that accurately represent their brand, tell a story, and can be used in their marketing. Clients need photographs they can use.


Clients can expect a variety of images including:

Establishing Shots

Establishing shots to give a sense of space and scale. Great for social media posts or documentation.


Detail Shots

Details matter at an event. Organizers work hard to produce an event and documentation of the details in important These details are heavily used in social media campaigns. When capturing an event that showcases a product, the product will receive special focus, providing static as well as interactive images of the product.


Close Candids

These shots truly capture the emotional high points of an event.


Candid Interactions

Similar to close candids, candid interactions provide context to any highlighted moment. In other words you can see the person or persons the subject is interacting with.


Posed Portraits

As a roaming event photographer, anytime I see a small group conversing, I capture the interaction.


Delivery, Editing, and Stylizing of mages

I never shoot for a set number of images. Rather, I do my best to capture as many meaningful images as possible, delivering images of utmost quality. My rates includes overnight delivery of ten edited images for social media and the remaining images are delivered three days after the event. 


When hiring an event photographer, it is important to select someone to create images that accurately represent the event and/or brand. Therefore, I avoid overly stylizing images in post production. Heavily edited images have less latitude should a client decide to further edit to match a brand’s visual style. Rather, I focus on a style of shooting that will effectively tell your story and document your event.My images have relatively neutral post processing. This gives more freedom in how the delivered images can be used and stylized (if necessary).


Private Events and Parties

People want images that bring them back to a moment. Capturing the height of an expression can be a ringing reminder of exactly how one felt. For those not present, my images provide a window into what it was like to have been there.


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